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Monday, May 31, 2021

Where To Watch Hunter x Hunter

Regular followers of this otaku blog would know that we've been talking about Hunter x Hunter for almost a decade. Out of those years, we have not led anyone to any appropriate platform where they could binge-watch the series for the nth time.

Updated: October 14, 2021

Hunter x Hunter is undeniably one of the greatest anime based on manga ever produced. Though the manga is about to celebrate its 5th year on time out, which broke its old hiatus record, many still cross their fingers for its comeback. 

Gon and Killua reading a message while in a forest

We discovered ourselves caught in the middle of a massive cliffhanger as more deaths and revelations occur due to the bloody Battle Royale between the Kakin Princes, a brewing turmoil inside the different tiers of the ship, and the thrilling hide-and-seek game of Genei Ryodan with its former member, Hisoka.

Hunter x Hunter initially followed the story of Gon Freecs as he embarks on a mission to find his father, who happens to be a world-known Hunter. Along Gon's side are his friends, Kurapika, Leorio, and his best friend, Killua, all with their unique story arcs to tell.


The series first aired in 1999, and due to its success, a remake gave birth to a new six-season series that covered more story arcs than the previous version. The reboot ran from 2011 to 2014. The original, its OVAs, and the 2011 version became successful hits that secured Hunter x, Hunter, a spot on the top 5 of

If you wish to relive the anime series to remind yourself of your intense need for the series to continue, we listed down some streaming platforms where you can legally watch Hunter x Hunter.


All seasons of the Hunter x Hunter subbed version can be streamed at Crunchyroll, and you may choose from paid plans or free plans. 

As we all know, paid plans will let us watch all Hunter x Hunter seasons without ads, while in the free option, ads may pop up but not at the level that would spoil your experience. Either way, you get to support Crunchyroll so they could accompany our otaku needs for a long time.

The manga divides Hunter x Hunter into arcs, though the streaming service decides to apportion it into five seasons. However, not all streaming apps presented the same, so we suggest avoiding "seasons" as references. 

These anime arcs are:

  • Hunter Exam 
  • Zoldyck Family Estate 
  • Heavens Arena 
  • Phantom Troupe arc, also called York Shin City Arc
  • Greed Island
  • Chimera Ant arc
  • 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Available in 200 countries, Crunchyroll is the most famous anime streaming site out there. Still, it usually streams animes in subbed versions only, and there is a limited number of anime dub versions on the site.



Gon Hunter x Hunter in Netflix

Hunter x Hunter is also available for viewing on Netflix. The world-famous entertainment streaming site is also currently increasing its anime shows because of the genre's popularity, hence the availability of Hunter x Hunter on the streaming site. You can watch tv shows via app or your good old browser.

In March 2021, there were reports that Netflix will discontinue the streaming of Hunter x Hunter and remove the first three available seasons on the platform. But for some reason, you can still watch HxH anime episodes at the moment, with all of its four seasons.

The first three parts of Netflix's Hunter x Hunter are dubbed and subbed versions, while the rest are sub-titled only.

Amazon Prime Video

Gon and Killua presented in season 2 of Hunter x Hunter in Amazon Prime Video

Unlike other platforms in this list, Prime lets you own a digital copy of every Hunter x Hunter episode in both subbed and dubbed. 

Amazon divides the series into seven seasons. You have the option to buy a single HxH episode or buy an entire group. 

Prime lets you hold a watch party after purchasing or renting a digital copy. What a way to enjoy the series while chatting with online friends you meet because of their love for the HxH anime!

Watch Hunter x Hunter in Prime Video


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Like Netflix, Hulu contains a mix of TV series, films, current–season updates, kids' shows, and more. Currently, Hulu houses five seasons of Hunter x Hunter in subbed format. To watch, you need to avail of their paid plans, but you can also try their free trial wherein you can watch free series and films for seven days.



Vudu is also an online streaming site wherein you can watch the latest movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere. Video qualities here are up to 4K UHD. 

You can stream or download the episode so that you can view it on your device. Currently, you can watch all episodes of the Hunter x Hunter subbed version on this platform but with ads for free users.



HBO Max is an American subscription video company that houses HBO shows and other movies, TV series, and even animated films and series, including the Studio Ghibli franchise. 

However, the HBO Max streaming site only caters to a few countries, primarily targeting US viewers. Currently, only Hunter x Hunter dubbed episodes are available at HBO Max, which streamed from June 23, 2020, up to the present.



A US video streaming and licensing company that runs animes in subbed and dubbed format. 

Funimation is a top choice for anime viewers in the US, along with Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. It houses both the Hunter x Hunter subbed and dubbed version, but it is limited to some countries and is not readily available for global viewers.



AnimeLab home page with their best anime My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto and others

Free and legal, Madman Entertainment company's anime streaming platform supports all 148 episodes of HxH. 

It showcases a fantastic site and a diversity of platforms where you can download its app -- PlayStation Store, App Store, Samsung, Google Play, Xbox Store, and even Telstra TV for Australian viewers.

AnimeLab site features Hunter x Hunter dubbed and subbed versions on its home page, which indicates that our favorite series is one of its top shows.

Where To Watch HxH Movies

As of this time, the series had two exciting movies released in consecutive years: 

First Movie - Hunter x Hunter: The Phantom Rouge (2013)

Second Movie - Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (2014)

Unfortunately, most of the streaming services above did not feature HxH movies as of this writing. It is really odd that even Netflix, one of the biggest of them all that made Studio Ghibli movies available for every subscriber, did not include the above titles in their roster. You can buy and stream it on Amazon Prime, though.

The best legal way is to purchase a BluRay copy, though you can wait for them to be available in the watch list of your favorite streaming service company.

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