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Thursday, May 13, 2021

8 Anime Shows About Insecurity And Personal Growth


People who grew up without experiencing enough of the otaku culture see anime as children's stuff. We couldn't blame them, especially those who become accustomed to animated shows with concepts designed solely for toddlers.

Our elder family members might sometimes give it a chance, especially when a youngster in the household begged for accompaniment to watching Demon Slayer or other movie releases in cinemas. 

Often, they get hooked into the show more than the child. However, it's not enough for them to engage with more anime due to the complexities of adult life. 

It just feels good to see our parents perplexed by one of our hobbies. What they couldn't gauge sometimes is how much anime meant in our lives -- only if they knew that we picked up some valuable life lessons in these goodies, which would eventually hone the way we maneuver ourselves around reality.

For adolescents, insecurity and personal growth rise as one of the most significant issues they couldn't admit to their peers, and even to themselves. 

Most of us have overcome or are still in the deepest stage of insecurity in our lives. Going on with this vulnerability is quite scary as it seeps through every crack of it. And personal growth is what goes hand in hand with dealing with uncertainty. 

Anime has a particular way of dealing with these things. Although it's not a complete solution, what many would regard as a happy distraction seems to hold the clues to the puzzle that is life. 

They're the fragments of wisdom we didn't ask for. Yet, we're getting them in the most enjoyable way that is anime.

The below anime titles deal with the everyday struggles of its characters, brought in by self-doubt and other realistic factors. If you need some uplifting moments that could cast aside self-doubts, we recommend these shows for your benefit.

Wonder Egg Priority

A young anime girl named Ai with heterochromia wearing yellow jacket running away in a bloody hallway from monsters with knives

This anime is rife with insecurities that may trigger some deep emotions in the viewer. In a way, it’s a love letter to all the people that have been hurt, and it emphasizes insecurities and anxieties that occur daily.

The story starts with Ai, whose best friend’s suicide left her to confront her new, painful reality. She found herself alone and nothing to live for. 

Wonder Egg Priority teaches us that we can become our own heroes and overcome pain and loneliness. From other characters, like Momoe, we learn that even women, who would be considered beautiful by some standards, have their insecurities. Eventually, she would realize that women don’t owe anyone femininity. 

Flying Witch

Anime guy wearing jacket looking to a witch girl in ponies.

Magic combined with mundane everyday life. If that didn’t hit you hard enough, the anime shows a witch in training becoming more independent while teaching us that real magic is our daily life. Accepting the miracles around you is the best message an anime could send, and this one absolutely does!

Makoto moves to Aomori to live with her cousin and other relatives to begin her witchcraft training. One can observe the interaction between families, no matter if they are blood or by choice, and it reflects warmth that makes the viewer aspire to transfer it to reality. 

Her involvement with sorcery sets her apart from other teenagers. This angle serves as another challenge crucial to the growth of our main character.

Find the world that lives within you, some part you might have lost when you grew up.


Haganai two girls and an anime boy

Haganai, I Don’t Have Many Friends, is a less popular anime even though it’s so relatable. 

Friendships are an integral part of everyone’s life, and they should never be taken for granted, for there are people who struggle to make friends.

Such is the case of Kodaka, who thought that a new school and new environment would finally give him a clean slate and that he could start over. The sad fact is, many young people are ridiculed for their appearance, while Kodaka embraced it since it reminded him of his late mother, even though he knew it would cause problems with making friends. 

Is there a greater message than fighting for friendship?

Black Clover

Black Clover characters Yuno and Asta rivalry in a battle

The insecurities in rivalry may be typical and cliché. However, these cases of love and hate bring an astonishing inspiration to viewers. Black Clover, being the usual shonen you get, offers a wide range of characters one can easily relate to.

However, when it comes to self-distrust and yearning for growth, Black Clover exemplifies this theme perfectly and with heart-filling realizations.

Rivals and best friends, Yuno and Asta, make it their goal to compete against each other to better themselves. They both long to become the next Emperor Magus. But, as they grow up, their differences become more apparent, making the contest between each other more difficult, but not impossible. Yuno focuses on training magic, while Asta grew uniquely, in a way no one would expect.


Re Zero

Turning your life around sounds peachy until you learn that you'll die a horrible death. But you get reincarnated and do it all over — but better! 

Subaru, the main character of Re:Zero, did just that. He dies a brutal death and then found himself reincarnated with a neat ability to come back to life whenever he perishes. 

He goes back to a certain point in his past to change his fate for the better. Subaru is constantly failing and traveling back in time to relive the same scenarios over and over again, but the story alters every time.

One of the best life lessons one could learn from this anime is appreciating the life you’re currently living.

Assassination Classroom

Students in classroom holding guns trying to assassinate a yellow alien in academe robe

Assassination Classroom is one of the best anime where you grow to love a villain, but not because of the swag, mystery, and back story that led him or her to the wrong side. This anime is a powerhouse of quotes that will inspire you to grow and evolve into the person you want to be! 

The show's villain, Korosensei, is also an influential teacher of a class that needs to assassinate him to save Earth. The End Class gathers the worst of the worst, the delinquents that eventually grew to love their teacher who threatens to destroy the planet. 

“You are the one who will make your life bloom in the way you want it. That is what this class is meant to help you realize.”

My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia flying in the sky showing his quirk

Of course, heroes make it all better. As a kid, no one didn’t dream of becoming a superhero! But, what many of us never realized is that even heroes have insecurities and burdens to carry on as they go.

The similarities don’t end there. Izuku Midoriya is born without any superpowers in a world filled with inborn talents. Without a quirk, he still enrolls in the Hero University where he lives and competes with some adorable and mean characters. 

It’s a journey of overcoming the insecurities that could hold him back. However, Deku's not the only one who suffers from inner hardships. Ochako, who stopped doubting herself in the ring, and even the ever-strong Bakugou’s would experience growth and soon accept who he is.

The triumphs of our characters in My Hero Academia would showcase fantastic opportunities on how we can build trust within ourselves. 

Violet Evergarden

A girl blonde android with perfect appearance holds a letter with a drop of blood

One of the best known for its visuals and character growth one will ever find out there. Violet Evergarden anime is a tear-jerker that many people turn to whenever they need to reflect on humanity and the growth they need to be worthy of one. 

Violet, being a tool of war, is a girl with no emotions. However, she understands that she needs some purpose in life after the war was over to lead a “normal” life. Violet actively searches for the meaning of “I love you” and slowly gains humanity as she uncovers its sense.

This show will transform you like ocean waves transform rocky shores. 

For some, it’s arduous to believe in themselves. However, role models and messages from anime can help us gain security and grow in silence into the person we are under the surface.

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